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Men: You Never Have to Shop for Clothes Again

The easiest way to get a classic, masculine look with almost no effort

I hate clothes shopping.

No joke, I wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt when I go shopping, so I can try clothes on as quickly as possible and get the hell out of there.

I can hardly ever find anything that fits. As a tall, slim guy, I can tell you this:

Most clothes in America were not made for people with my body type.

For me, a successful shopping trip means I come home with a few new items that look halfway decent. Out of those, there’s probably only 1 or 2 that I’ll wear for longer than a year.

The rest?

I’ll wear them for a few months, then get tired of them, and they’ll collect dust in my closet for a while.

About a year later, I’ll get disgusted with the amount of unworn clothes in my closet and spend an entire Saturday sorting them all into “Keep” and “Give to Goodwill” piles.

Then I’ll throw the “Give to Goodwill” garbage bag of clothes into my trunk, where it will sit for 2 - 3 months or more before I finally say “screw it” and stop by Goodwill on my way home from work to drop them off.

By that point, I’ve invested money on clothes I’ve barely even worn and countless hours looking in my closet thinking “Do I want to wear this?” before ultimately deciding “Nope. It doesn’t look good on me.”

And on top of that, there’s the hidden cost of decision fatigue.

The hidden cost of decision fatigue and how to eliminate it

You make a lot of decisions every day.

What to eat for dinner, whether or not you should respond to that text from your ex, and what workout you’ll do at the gym.

Those are just a few examples.

Your brain can only make a limited number of decisions before it starts to get tired. Its decision-making abilities get slower. You make decisions that are objectively worse than the ones you’d make earlier in the day.

Think about it — how do you normally feel at the end of a work day?

Exhausted. Drained. Wiped out.


That’s decision fatigue.

It’s what makes it easy to say, “Yeah, I can just skip the gym tonight,” or “Damn — a pizza for dinner sounds really good.”

Think about it.

How many bad — or just straight-up lazy — decisions have you made because you were just too tired to give a shit?

If you’d had more energy, you would have gone to the gym. You wouldn’t have eaten that entire pizza while watching Ozark.


So, how do you eliminate decision fatigue?

Reduce the amount of decisions you make every day.

For example, some of the smartest minds in our generation (Steve Jobs being the most popular one) have opted out of deciding what to wear every day.

They just wear the same thing.

It seems crazy, but it’s not. Here’s why:

People who wear the same thing every day are simply reducing the number of decisions they make, so they can save their energy for the important decisions, like how to shape the future of their companies.

You can do the same, whether it’s eating the same thing for breakfast every day, following the same workout routine each week, or even wearing the same outfit every day.

Reduce decision fatigue without wearing the same thing every day

I know.

You’re not a robot. And the idea of wearing the same outfit every day sounds a little crazy.

“Will people notice? Will they think that this is the exact same shirt I wore yesterday?”

Well, I have good news:

You can use your wardrobe to reduce decision fatigue — without wearing the same thing every day.

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe?

Think of it like a toolbox.

If you have a toolbox with too many tools, you can never find what the hell you’re looking for. You waste time, and you just end up frustrated (and your sink is still leaking).

But if you’re toolbox has all the tools you need — and none you don’t — you can find that wrench quickly, fix the sink, and get back to watching The Office.

That’s what a capsule wardrobe is like. It has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

But if you were like me when I first started learning about capsule wardrobes — you have no idea what clothes you’re supposed to buy.


I mean, if your goal is to only have 9 shirts, how do you choose which ones to buy?

And, more importantly, how do you do it without spending an entire afternoon trying on ill-fitting clothes at the mall (and eventually ending up with something you don’t actually like)?

Finally, how do you choose clothes that actually look good on your body type and match your unique style?

Introducing Clean Closet Capsule Wardrobes: The Easiest Way for Men to Get a Clean, Masculine Look Without Shopping

I had all those questions, and I couldn’t find an answer for them, so I created one:

Clean Closet Capsule Wardrobes.

Each Clean Closet Capsule Wardrobe is custom-crafted to match your unique lifestyle and body type.

We use a diagnostic quiz to learn more about who you are and what you like, then generate a Style Report that tells you exactly which clothes to buy to create a complete capsule wardrobe (40 items total) that will work year-round for any social, business, or fitness activity you find yourself in.

The result?

You get a clean look, a clean closet, and a clean mind — so you can look your best and reserve your mental brainpower for the decisions that actually matter (like whether or not you should text that ex back...on second thought — you probably shouldn’t).

Every Single Item in Your New Clean Closet Wardrobe

Every Clean Closet Capsule Wardrobe includes:

  • 2 pairs of jeans

  • 2 pairs of shorts

  • 1 pair of chinos

  • 2 Tees

  • 3 button downs

  • 1 white oxford

  • 1 suit

  • 1 belt

  • 2 jackets (light and heavy — can be layered)

  • 1 sweater

  • 1 vest

  • 3 active wear shirts

  • 3 active wear shorts

  • 5 pairs of socks

  • 7 pairs of underwear

  • 1 pair of dress shoes

  • 1 pair of boots

  • 1 pair of casual leather shoes

  • 1 pair of athletic shoes

Each Clean Closet Capsule gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Why I created Clean Closet Capsules


It’s exactly what I would have wanted.

Looking good shouldn’t be as complicated as solving a rubik’s cube. Achieving a clean, masculine look (one your grandfather would have been proud of) should be simple.

But we’re bombarded with so many options that looking good has become complicated.

Clean Closet makes it simple again.

Take the Clean Closet Quiz Now

Take the Clean Closet Quiz now to see exactly what we’d recommend for your unique style.

Then — buy what you want, ignore what you don’t.

If it were me, I’d ditch my entire current wardrobe and buy everything Clean Closet recommended.

But hey, you’re free to make your own decisions. And now — you’re free from clothes shopping ever again.

You’re welcome. ;)

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