Six-Figure Copywriter Reveals Exactly How She Runs Her Business, So You Can Steal Her Processes and Use Them to Make More Money

For Copywriters Who Want to Run Their Business Like a Professional

So, you’ve made it this far.

You’re the proud owner of a copywriting business with more than a few happy clients.

But when someone at a dinner party asks, “So, what do you do?”, you still say something like:

“I’m a freelance copywriter.”

That feels a hell of a lot better than what you used to tell people. But still, you feel like you’re selling yourself short.

“Technically, I’m a business owner. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to. But I feel awkward saying that.”

Maybe it’s a confidence thing.

Maybe you just have to start saying, “I run a marketing consulting company and help my clients define their brand voice and sell more products.”

Or maybe it’s something else...something unconscious.

Maybe you know, somewhere deep down, you’re not really running a business.

You’re just freelancing.

If you want to stop freelancing and start running a thriving business, keep reading.

The Problem with Freelancing

“Freelancers work in their pajamas.”

“They sleep until noon.”

“They work from wherever they want.”

“They’re flakey and inconsistent.”

That’s what your clients think.

The problem with freelancing is that the best clients don’t want to work with a freelancer. They want to work with a professional — a business owner.

Now, hear me:

I’m not saying the best clients don’t outsource copywriting. But I am saying that the best clients only outsource copywriting to people they can trust to get the job done effectively and deliver on time.

More often than not — the best clients want to work with someone who positions themselves as a business owner, not a freelancer.

Because freelancers are flakey, remember? ;)

Full transparency (and I probably shouldn’t tell you this):

You’ll eventually get it right.

Through trial-and-error, you’ll eventually figure out what your dream clients expect from you, and you’ll make it happen.

But before that, you might lose some of your favorite clients.

You might wait years before gaining the confidence to go after your dream clients.

And (maybe worst of all) you might lose money in the process (whether it’s due to clients not paying, not charging what you’re really worth, or being afraid to go after those perfect clients who would love to hire you if they knew you existed).

How to Stop Freelancing and Start Running a Profitable Copywriting Business

You could just start presenting yourself as a professional.

Call yourself a “marketing consultant,” get some business cards, go to a few networking events.

And that’s part of it.

But presenting yourself as a professional without doing the legwork to actually be a professional is a bit like faking a smile:

It might seem genuine at first, but eventually, people will realize you’re faking it.

The best way to present yourself as a professional is to actually become a professional.

But how?

For most copywriters, this involves learning more about the craft (and it should!):

  • Sleeping with Breakthrough Advertising under your pillow…

  • Reading Bencivenga’s Bullets until you can recite them from memory…

  • Watching CopyHackers Tutorial Tuesdays so religiously you begin to feel a deep personal connection with Jo…

But if you do what everyone else is doing, how are you going to stand out?

Quite often, what makes a professional is not just her copywriting chops, it’s the way she runs her business.

Does she communicate expectations?

Can she lead a new client through a standardized onboarding process?

Does she have systems in place that automate the biggest time-wasters?

These are the types of things that will separate you from your fellow copywriters. Not just that you do the work, but that you do it professionally, consistently.

Again, you could figure these things out on your own. You’re smart.

But what if you didn’t have to?

What if you could get all the systems, tactics, and templates behind a six-figure copywriting business?

Then use them to grow your own business, land your ideal clients, and make more money?

All without the learning curve.

Introducing Business of Copy: The Only Copywriting Course Designed to Help You Go from Freelancer to Business Owner

Meet Abbey Woodcock — the copywriter who runs a (multiple) six-figure copywriting business and has worked with some of the revered brands in the copywriting industry. Brands like:

  • Agora Publishing

  • Ryan Levesque

  • Ramit Sethi

  • Jeff Walker

A few years ago, she noticed something:

There were basically zero copywriting courses that actually helped copywriters run their businesses.

Everyone was so focused on getting good at their craft that they forgot to get good at their business.

That’s where Business of Copy comes in.

It’s got everything you need to go from freelancer to business owner and land your dream clients, set your own terms, and make more money — all without the learning curve.

How good would it feel to hop on an onboarding call with a brand-new client and know exactly what to say to present yourself as a total expert?

What would it be like to get a deposit in your bank account with your dream client’s name on the statement?

Or to negotiate a contract that you control, instead of just accepting whatever the client wants?

That’s what Business of Copy can give you.

It’s the only copywriting course designed to help you actually grow your business.

Sure, you’ll find some tips on writing better copy. But more than anything you’ll find the systems, techniques, and templates Abbey has used to grow a (multiple) six-figure copywriting business.

That includes training like:

  • How to Quote Projects

  • The Anatomy of a $24,000 Proposal

  • Accounting and Taxes for Freelancers

  • How to Structure Deals (with Brian Kurtz)

  • 7 Phrases to Say When You Screw Up To Save the Situation (and the Client)

  • 50 Questions to Ask Prospects Before Work Starts

  • Client-Getting Strategies for Introverts: Dealing with Nervousness, Fear, and Anxiety at Live Events

  • And a lot more!

Join Business of Copy Today

Business of Copy isn’t a static course.

Abbey consistently adds new training based on what members request and need. So if there’s something you need, just ask for it!

It’s also a community.

Once you join, you’ll be granted access to the private, members-only Facebook Group. You’ll be able to connect with and learn from other members who aren’t just freelancers — they’re professionals. ;)

Join Business of Copy today to get access to the systems, tactics, and templates behind a six-figure copywriting business and ongoing training from the copywriter behind it.

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Freelancer or Business Owner?

Which are you?

Which do you want to be?

And how do you plan to get there?

Like I said earlier, without the right guidance, you’ll figure it out eventually. But why wait?

Why waste another year missing out on your ideal clients while other copywriters are so busy they’re turning clients down?

Why waste another year “just getting by” when other copywriters are raking in cash?

Why spend another year being a freelancer when you could be a profitable business owner?

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