Beyond that, there’s not enough research here. There is sparse (if any) legitimate evidence that these apps actually help.

And, I think there are a few claims in the letter that aren’t fully verified — which is something I’d look into if this were an actual project. But alas, it’s not. So here we are.

Are You Neglecting The #1 Most Important Aspect Of Your Health Without Realizing It?

Surprisingly — It Has Nothing To Do With Your Body Weight Or Blood Pressure.

I have bad news:

You may be ignoring the most important aspect of your health without realizing it.

But it’s not your fault. Your doctor may even be ignoring this too.

You’re unlikely to get a blood test for it, and if it gets bad — medicine alone cannot fix it.

As a matter of fact, if your body declines in this way, you risk turning into a shell of the person you once were, and those around you may not be able to see you as the same person anymore.

But it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Your Health?

Your brain.

Your intelligence.

Your mental ability.

Every action you take in life, every decision you make, every thought you have, every fun activity you enjoy requires an active, healthy brain.

Lose this, and, in effect, you’ve lost your life.

You risk losing your independence, your friends, and the activities you love most.

Neglect this aspect of your health, and you may end up spending your older years alone in a nursing home instead of with grandchildren and close family members.

How Most People Unknowingly Neglect Their Brain

Unless you have a mentally demanding job, it’s easy in today’s society to coast through life.

Now, more than ever, we have an incredible amount of ways to “turn off” our brains — social media, television, mindless internet browsing, you name it.

Our society has been conditioned to believe that comfort is the height of human existence.

But your brain hates comfort.

It wasn’t designed to sit idly in your head taking up space, waiting for the next episode of Friends to start.

Your brain was designed to solve problems.

Have you ever noticed that it tends to create problems out of nowhere?

For example, if you’re lying in bed trying to go to sleep, and your brain reminds you of an embarrassing situation that happened years ago?

“Where did that come from?” you think.

It’s not because your brain is a jerk. It’s because your brain needs problems to work on. It was designed to create things, to fix things, to build.

Here’s What Your Brain Was Designed To Do

Think about this:

Everything you see around you was created by a human brain (obviously excluding nature).

The device you’re using to read this? Created by a human brain.

The clothes you’re wearing? Created by a human brain.

The city you live in? Designed by some very smart human brains.

Your brain was designed to work. But so many of us ignore this — preferring to lead a comfortable life while our brains become so agitated they actively create problems for us to solve.

That leaves us with two options:

1. Continue to ignore what our brains were designed to do, and instead allow them to create problems that keep us up at night, derail our day, and cause unnecessary stress.

2. Feed our brains with what they really need: challenging problems that test (and expand) our intelligence.

How To Give Your Brain What It Really Needs

Many people have highly creative or challenging jobs that test the levels of their ability every day.

But I’m guessing if you’ve read this far, that might not be you.

If you’re bored or unchallenged at work, you need another way to challenge your brain to keep it healthy.

For some people, this is brought about by stimulating conversations with friends. But those conversations are generally rare.

For others, this happens through books, but many don’t have time to read.

In the same way that our bodies need a physical challenge, which we often find in a gym, our brains need a mental challenge — a gym for our brains.

Something we can make part of our routine that gives us maximum challenge in minimum time.

But this can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution — as everyone’s brain works a little differently. Some have naturally higher IQs than others.

So the best mental gym is one where you can continually add a new level of challenge. One that continually adapts to provide increasingly harder challenges as your brain becomes quicker and more effective.

One that is not just challenging in general, but challenging for you, specifically.

Introducing Elevate Brain Training: The Mental Gym

Elevate Brain Training is an app, complete with 35+ games to test the limits of your brain and improve its ability to solve problems.

Now, in the same way that some people make going to the gym part of their daily routine, you can make brain training a part of your daily routine.

Elevate gives your brain the problems it craves, in a controlled environment that’s custom-tailored to what your brain needs.

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up for Elevate, you get access to 35+ games designed to help challenge your brain and make it more effective.

Each day, you can choose the specific areas you want to improve and play games specifically related to those areas.

Elevate creates a custom brain training plan, designed to help you get maximum benefit in minimum time.

What’s most fun is the fact that you can track your progress to see how you’ve improved since using the app.

As a bonus, you can also see how you stack up against other users.

Try Elevate Brain Training Today For Free

Today, you can try Elevate Brain Training for free.

If you don’t like it, cancel after 14 days.

But if you do…

If you notice an increased sense of confidence, a clearer mind that’s more equipped to solve daily challenges, and a happier brain that’s getting the exercise it was designed for…

...get a year’s worth of brain training for just $39.99.

Don’t neglect the most important aspect of your health. For the cost of a new outfit, you can let your brain do exactly what it was made to do:

Solve problems.

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