Beyond that, this ad is positioned to sell the product, not give you all the facts.

While CRAVE isn’t the worst food for your dog by any means, I don’t think it’s the best food for your dog, either.

So, again, do not make a purchase decision based on the information on this page.

What are you feeding your dog?

Are you cheating him out of a long, healthy life?

Have you ever watched your dog without him knowing?

He trots around the backyard with a toy or a bone, looking for a place to hide it. Sniffing here and there.

Digging — until you blow your cover and tell him to stop. ;)

What you’ll notice is that dogs aren’t like us. There’s something more wild about them.

You’ve heard that “dogs are descendants of wolves.”

And, if you’ve felt the excited tugging on a leash as yours attempts to chase a squirrel up a tree, you know it’s true.

But often, we fail to realize the implications of our dog’s ancestry when we drop some kibble into a bowl.

So — what are you feeding your dog? And how do you know that’s what’s best for him?

An Outrageous Fact About 70% of “Dog People”

Over 70% of dog people don’t know what’s in the food they give their dogs.”

Do you?

Or do you simply buy a “trusted” brand and think nothing more about it?

Think about this for a moment — out of these two people, who do you think will live a longer, healthier life?

Person 1

Eats mostly fast food. Drinks soft drinks. Loves candy.

Person 2

Eats mostly whole foods, including lots of fruit and veggies. Drinks a lot of water. Avoids sweets except for special occasions.

You answered “Person 2,” right?

Because you understand that food has an effect on our health and longevity.

Your dog is the same way.

For a long, healthy life, he should be eating the healthiest food possible.

We’ll talk more about that in a moment, but first, since dogs are the descendants of wolves, let’s talk about what they eat.

The Diet of Wolves

Wolves live in packs, run free, and make their own decisions about how to live life — including what to eat.

Sometimes, they eat fruit. But mostly, wolves eat meat.

Not only are they hunters, they’re scavengers too.

If they haven’t gotten enough meat for the day or week, they’ll eat something that’s already dead.

Spend a few minutes on YouTube watching wolves hunt and you’ll notice a few things.

First, much like your dog, wolves LOVE chasing things.

While hunting may seem savage to us, to wolves — it’s the joy of a lifetime. (Very similar to your dog chasing a rabbit or a squirrel.)

Second, they work in packs.

The “lone wolf” ideal is romantic, but in general, it’s not reality. Wolves live and work together to build their lives.

Finally, they’re ambitious. Often, you’ll see wolves attempt to take down a massive animal like an elk or a moose. And often, they succeed.

(You’ve likely seen this ambition in your own dog as well. You know he’ll never catch that squirrel, but that never stops him from trying.)

Your Dog is Like a Wolf

If you pay attention, you might notice a few behaviors or traits that are direct indications your dog descended from wolves.


Wolves dig to build dens or to hide their food for later. Your dog might do the same.


Wolves use howls to communicate with each other.

Fun fact:

Wolves have unique howls, like fingerprints, that scientists (and other pack members) can use to tell them apart.”


We’re all familiar with the “canine” teeth at front of a dog’s snout, but did you know there are teeth in the back of the mouth specifically designed for shearing flesh?

They’re called carnassials, and wolves have them too.

3 Criteria of “Healthy” Dog Food

Healthy dog food should fit these 3 criteria:

1. The first ingredient should be meat.

Remember the wolves we talked about earlier?

Your dog needs a diet like theirs to thrive. And what do they crave above all else?


2. It should have NO corn, wheat, or soy.

Healthy dog food should not contain fillers like corn, wheat, or soy. These are like french fries for your dog.

They might like to eat it, but it makes them unhealthy.

3. It should be a “complete” meal.

Unless your dog regularly gets table scraps or supplements, the only thing he eats is dog food.

Healthy dog food should provide everything your dog needs to thrive.

The Easiest Way to Get Healthy Dog Food

You could start researching and become an “expert” in healthy dog food before buying your next bag.

Or you could sit back and relax, because we’ve already done the work for you.

CRAVE Dog Food meets all 3 criteria of healthy dog food:

1. The first ingredient is always meat.

2. We NEVER use corn, soy, or wheat in any of our recipes.

3. We add minerals and vitamins to each recipe to make a complete meal for your dog.

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CRAVE Gets Dogs Excited

With how healthy CRAVE is, you might be expecting your dog to walk away as soon as you drop it in his bowl.

That’s how kids act with vegetables, right?

Believe it or not, we’ve seen multiple reports of dogs “dancing” around their bowls, excited for the first bit of kibble to land.

We ever heard of one dog rolling in her bowl she loved the smell of CRAVE so much!

Give Your Dog a Long, Healthy Life

You know how to give your dog a long, healthy life:

  • Long walks to the dog park

  • Extra treats occasionally

  • As many cuddles as possible

And healthy food.

With CRAVE, healthy dog food is finally affordable.

Most healthy dog food is expensive.


We work with the best suppliers around the world to get the healthiest ingredients for your dog at the most cost-effective price possible.

So now, you don’t have to resort to feeding your dog low-quality food anymore.

For less than the price of a new chew toy, you can give your dog the food he needs for a long healthy life.

Click the button below to get CRAVE.

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Don’t be like those 70% of dog people who “don’t know what’s in the food they give their dogs.”

You know what’s best for your dog. Take care of him.

Give him something that satisfies his natural, wild instinct. Give him something like CRAVE.

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