This one is a little different. I’m not affiliated with most of the products I write about. But my friend Taylor created this one. And, while I won’t make any profits if he decides to use any of this copy, it felt right to clarify that I am somewhat affiliated with the product.

Give something real.

They’re not Thank You cards.


There’s nothing wrong with it. We should all say it more often. But You Are Cards are not Thank You cards.

You Are Cards are more than a “thank you.”

They’re not based on an act of service.

They’re not a courtesy.

They are a genuine, real connection. And they’re surprisingly vulnerable.

You Are cards don’t communicate a “thank you.”

They communicate something much more real. Something like...

“Hey, I appreciate you. Not because of what you’ve done for me, but because of who you are as a person.

That’s powerful. And we don’t do it often enough.

Can I get sentimental for a moment?

If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more kindness.

I’m not sure we’ll ever have enough.

But our “kindness” can be pretty shallow. We think a Like or a heart emoji is a genuine expression of affection.

We choose convenience over courage — the easy way over the hard one — the digital over the tangible.

Because we’re scared.

Scared of expressing how we really feel. Scared we might come off as “awkward” or that we might be “too much.”

But maybe we shouldn’t be scared of letting those words out. Maybe we should be scared of keeping them in.

Besides, I think people would rather hear our gratitude than our silence.

Because those Likes we crave, they’re not what we really want.

We really want something else.

We want to know we’re appreciated.

Be honest with yourself for a moment.

What does a Like, a text message, a heart emoji represent to you?

It’s low-level validation that we are loved. That we are appreciated. That we’re more than just another picture on a screen.

But it’s fleeting.

No matter how many times our phone dings to interrupt our crunches of kale salad, the “love” coming from that screen will never be enough to fill us up.

So what should we do?

This is the part where I tell you that You Are Cards can fix everything, right?


Because they can’t.

You Are Cards are not the whole solution, but they can be part of it.

I’m no philosopher, and I might be totally full of garbage, but I’d say the solution is a change in the way we live our lives.

A slowing down.

A savoring of each moment.

An occasional pause to tell people how much they mean to us.

You don’t need cards for that — but they do make it easier.

Give something real.

Whatever you do — give something real.

Whether it’s a random phone call, a sweet note scribbled on the back of a McDonald’s receipt, or a surprise bag of Swedish Fish.

Give someone something real to let them know how much they mean to you.

It might be scary, but what’s scarier is never letting the people in your life know they’re appreciated.

However you do it, make it happen.

And if you want to use a You Are Card to make it happen, just click the button below to grab a few.

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