Break Up With Your Old Backpack and Meet My Hot New Friend

Introducing the Updated Deuter Futura 28

“You’re too demanding.”

That’s what your current backpack would say if it could talk.

From day hikes to weekends at your parents’ house to backpacking across Europe, you two have been through a lot together.

But it’s time to say goodbye. I have someone I want to set you up with.

“You’re right. I am too depending. I’m sorry, but I don’t think this is going to work anymore…”

- You, talking to your backpack, like a completely normal (?) person

“Why does it have to be so hard?”

A backpack breakup is never easy. We know.

At a certain point, it becomes a part of you. But people change. Their needs change. Their lives change. And their expectations change.

Eventually, they become too demanding of even the most rugged, versatile packs out there.

For those people —

Who are afraid they’re asking too much…

Who are worried if they’ll ever find a pack that meets all their needs…

Who need a pack for the summit, subway, and everything in-between

— We created the updated Deuter Futura 28.

A Detailed List of All Your Ex’s Flaws

We’re guessing your ex pack had a few of these things going wrong for it:

  • It was too big.

  • It was too small.

  • It didn’t have enough pockets.

  • It had so many pockets it felt like the Swiss Army Knife of backpacks.

  • You bought it in 1998, and it hasn’t aged well.

  • It made your shoulders hurt so bad you thought about inventing a jumbo-sized fanny pack.

  • It made your back so sweaty people thought you laid down in a puddle.

  • It made you look like you were still in middle school.

  • Somewhere along the way, it developed a slight odor that you can’t quite place.

Whatever it was, we can assure you of one thing:

It was totally your ex’s fault — not yours.

The New Pack on the Block (Don’t be shy. Come say “hi.”)

We want to introduce you to someone.

It’s the updated Deuter Futura 28.

I know you normally don’t go for packs like this, but I think you’ll really like it.

Just hear me out.

It’s really comfortable.

Spring Steel Frame

It’s built around a spring steel frame — which makes it sound a little too hardcore, but I promise it’s not.

Spring steel is really light. It’s even a bit flexible.

Plus, the frame creates a gap between your back and the pack. (Also — claiming it now, “Your Back and the Pack” is the name of our new band.)

What that means is NO. MORE. GROSS. BACK. SWEAT.


It’s called an Aircomfort System, and it has that name for a good reason.

Now, instead of having a sweaty swamp-back, you’ll enjoy a nice cool breeze and stay dry no matter where in the world you are.

It also means less weight on your shoulders.

If your current pack makes you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world, you want to hear this.

The spring steel frame distributes the weight to your hips, because they’re stronger than your shoulders and can handle it better.

That means no more screaming shoulders at the end of a long day on the trail.

Padded Hip Belt

We’re going to talk about your hips some more. (They look great, by the way. Have you been working out?)

The Futura puts most of the pack’s weight on them, but it does it in a soft, gentle way.

It has extra padding so it doesn’t feel like you’re lugging your pack around. Instead, you’re supporting its weight in the most optimal spot.

Believe it or not, that actually makes your pack feel lighter than it really is.

Load Adjustment Straps

Are you noticing a trend?

The entire design of this pack is structured to distribute weight in the most physically optimal spots possible (oh — and to make you sweat less).

The Load Adjustment Shoulder Straps let you move the pack’s load closer to your back and, therefore, closer to your center of gravity.

That means — you guessed it — the pack doesn’t feel near as heavy as you might expect.

Organizer Pocket

You thought we forgot, didn’t you?

While it’s true we focused a lot of our design effort on making the Deuter Futura 28 the most comfortable pack on the market, we didn’t forget the little things — and the organizer pocket is just one example.

It’s positioned right at the top of the pack, on the inside, to help you organize your valuables and add another layer of security.

Stretch Pockets

Sometimes you over-pack. And you end up tying that flannel around your waist because there’s absolutely no way it’s going to fit in your bag.

Well — not anymore.

The Deuter Futura 28 has stretch pockets on the sides and the front, so if you need to add a pair of socks (or a flask — we don’t judge) to your pack on the way out the door, we’ve got you covered.

Get You a Pack That Can Do Both.

Just like your favorite bourbon, the Deuter Futura 28 is rugged on the trail and smooth in the city.

Made with 40% Polyester and 60% Polyamide, it’s strong enough to carry the weight of your past relationships but smooth enough to let you talk it out sometimes.

But seriously, the Futura’s simple, straightforward design means it looks great on the summit or the subway.

I mean, look at those curves!

Who Are You Going to Choose?

Look, we know you love your old pack. That’s why you’ve kept it around for so long.

But sometimes moving forward means making hard choices and saying “goodbye” to things that don’t serve you anymore.

If you’re ready for something new...

Something that’s ready to meet all your demands…

Something that can give you everything you need from a backpack…

You should go out with my friend, The Updated Deuter Futura 28. Just click the button below, and I’ll set you two up.

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