Day 9: Wallet Wipes



I have to stop doing these at night. It’s killing me.

That said, this one was fun,  yet challenging. And it could still use a lot of work.


I wrote about an imaginary product called Wallet Wipes. This is something my friend Jeremy and I have talked about. Basically, it’s a package of wet wipes that can fit in your wallet.

It’s not a completely new idea, but I think with the right marketing there could potentially be a market for it.

Writing this letter was fun because, not only was I using my creativity with the writing, I was also creating certain product features on-the-fly. So that was cool.

Who is the Customer?

The customer is an urban millennial, male or female, generally liberal, concerned with hygiene and prefers to buy all-natural and organic when possible.

Customer Level of Awareness & Sophistication

This customer is unaware. They are not aware that the way they’re currently wiping is “incorrect,” but they do have an unspoken desire for cleanliness.

I was able to reference Breakthrough Advertising for this (as it contains some extensive guidance on how to write for unaware customers) and “lead into an unacceptable problem by starting with a universally-accepted image” — or, at the very least, an eye-catching image.

This customer is probably at the second stage of sophistication. They’ve seen products like this before, but never legitimately considered them.

That said, looking back, I’m not sure the sales letter adequately addressed that level of sophistication. Ideally, it would have contained some sort of claim that makes it better than the other wipes the customer may have seen.

Big Idea + Rationale

The big idea is that people are walking around with dirty butts and they don’t know it.

Big Promise + Rationale

The big promise is that Wallet Wipes can give the customer the cleanliness they want in a natural, convenient way.

Lessons Learned

This was a fun one. The idea that my profession has taught me to write about poop and butts is something that my 7-year-old self would absolutely love. And quite frankly, 26-year-old me loves it too.

But I don’t think this letter is perfect, by any means. This is certainly a sensitive topic, and there’s a very thin line between being playfully humorous and being crass.

I’d love to have had more time to determine where exactly this letter lies in regard to that line. I think TUSHY, who I drew a lot of inspiration and information from, does this pretty well with their target market.

I think one of the main takeaways from this is that, just because a topic is humorous doesn’t mean it will be easy to write about. I honestly thought I would just be able to throw this together, but it was a lot harder than I expected.

Beyond that, I think I do my best work when I write in the morning. There’s something about researching right before bed and then sleeping on it that gives my brain time to organize all that info.

Robert Lucas