Here’s what you can expect…

1 email every day.

If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll send you one email each day. The email will link to a report on the sales letter I wrote that includes:

  • The Product

  • The Customer

  • The Big Idea

  • The Big Promise

  • Lessons Learned

About 1,000 words.

I’m shooting for somewhere around 1,000 words for each sales letter.

Too much longer, and I wouldn’t be able to churn out one per day. Too much shorter, and it wouldn’t be hard enough.

That said, it’s unlikely these sales letters will address ALL potential objections or fully flesh out ALL potential sales angles.

Instead, they’ll be an exploration of a single big idea for each product and how that big idea/unique mechanism of each product meets a need for the prospect based on their current stage of awareness, pain points, etc.

Ya feel me or nah?

At the bottom, each sales letter will have a quick yes/no survey.

So, take advantage of it and let me know whether you’re a fan of the letter or not. Your feedback (good or bad) will help me get better.

It’s gonna get messy.

Since I’ll be writing one full sales letter each day (and since I have client work…and since my roommates would appreciate me taking a shower every now and then), they won’t be perfect.

But perfection isn’t the goal.

The goal is to show up — every day — and do the damn thing.

Obligatory Disclaimer.

Unless explicitly noted, I hold no rights to or ownership of any of the products on this site, nor should any of the material I write be perceived as official advertisements for any of those products.

These sales letters are intended solely to improve my copywriting skills.

If you own the rights to any of these products and wish for any content to be taken down, simply email me at

UPDATE: 11:38AM, Thursday, November 29

It’s done! We did it!

Final sales letter here.

The reason I did 29 days for this challenge instead of 30 was because I initially planned to use Day 30 to write a blog post about this project.

But holy shit -- I need a break.

So, I'll be using the months of December and January to write that blog post instead.

My plan is that the extra time to really sift through these ideas and lessons will allow me to create something that's truly helpful and insightful.

Stay tuned!